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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Heritage frame fold flat against the wall?

Do the cracks in the paint on my Voyager 17 mean it is broken?

Can I trade my Voyager in for a larger longarm?

Can I quilt a square quilt in a round hoop?

What is the difference between hand quilting frames?

How long does it take to receive my order?

Can I get even tensioning using ratchet wheels?

Should I buy a Hoop or a Frame?

How do I attach my quilt to the Frame?

What is the difference between the Easy Build Kit and The Easy Build Plus?

If I don't put a finish on my frame, will the acid in the wood damage my quilt?

Which size hoop should I buy?

Why do you specify metal poles for the Easy Build Kits?

Will it hurt to leave the wood unfinished?

Which sewing machines do you recommend for the 'Original Machine Frame'?

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