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Tips-Beginning Machine Quilting

  • To reduce vibrations when using your Machine Frame, place a piece of neoprene (a mousepad is made of neoprene and works well) under your sewing machine on the carriage. The neoprene will help to absorb the excess vibrations.

  • If your machine carriage is difficult to move, the rear roller of the frame may be rubbing on the base of the sewing machine and will have to be raised. To raise the roller, loosen the black knob on the end frame holding the height adjuster screw, then turn the black knobs on the height adjusters. Tighten the black knob on the end frame after you are finished adjusting the height of the rollers. This mechanism raises and lowers the rollers of your frame. You will want to adjust the rollers so that the material rear roller just glides over the base of the machine. You may have to turn the black knobs on the height adjusters a few times when you first use the frame to get the screws up into the roller supports far enough to begin raising the rollers.
  • Side tensioners are attached to the immediate area of the quilt being stitched. Remove the adhesive from the long strips of Velcro and attach them to the outside area of your roller supports between the center and rear poles. Clamp the end tensioners onto the edge of your quilt. Pull the attached Velcro straps to the outside and attach them to the Velcro on the side of your frame

  • When machine quilting, planning your stitching patterns ahead of time will make the job easier and more rewarding. If this is your first try at machine quilting, start with a small quilt with a simple pattern, or even printed fabric. Take some time to get the feel of the machine movement on the frame. Each machine will have limitations depending on the length of the arm of your machine. Even if you have machine quilted before, the technique is different. Your quilt is stationary and you will be moving your machine. If your machine carriage does not move smoothly and easily, check all adjustments to be sure your frame is correctly assembled. It should roll easily both front to back and left to right. As with any new technique, your stitches will become more even with practice.



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