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Tips-Using Pointer Package Stylus with Template Boards

The following is a step-by-step guide to using a template board to create a pattern on your quilt.

Step 1.
Determine where you would like your design to start on the fabric. Insert your machine needle at that point on your quilt to mark that position.
Insert your stylus into the template board at the desired pattern start point. Tighten both knobs securely, first the large knob, then the small knob.

Step 6
Fig. 1 Place needle and stylus at start position.
Step 2.
Make sure that the stylus doesn't drag along the bottom of the groove. At the joint in the board, this may cause a problem if there is a slight discontinuity in the groove depths.
Step 5
Fig 2. Don't let stylus drag along bottom of groove.
Step 3.
As you follow along the groove to make the first row of stitching, here are a few tips:
  • Reverse your handles, leave your hand speed control lever on the left handle (as you are looking at the frame from the rear). Place your right hand on the left handle and your left hand on the end of the stylus support. This way you can control your speed with your right hand and guide the stylus through the groove with the left hand.
  • Run your machine a little more quickly than normal, keeping your movements slow, this will help prevent broken needles.
  • Be patient, it will take a couple of passes to get used to the shape of the template. Try practicing a row without running the machine to get used to the design.
Step 1
Fig 3. First row complete

Step 4.
To begin the second row of stitching, place your needle at the desired pattern startpoint. Next, move your stylus to the startpoint of the pattern. In this example, we are going to stagger the second row of the pattern. To do this, place the needle at the top of the scallop and the stylus at the bottom of a scallop.
Work your way back across the quilt.

Step 2
Fig 4. Line up needle and stylus for second row.

Step 5.
At the beginning of the third row, we want to stagger the pattern again, but the point that we want to line up with isn't near the edge of the quilt.
To line up the third row, place the needle at the top of the scallop nearest the edge of the quilt. Then, place the stylus in the bottom of a scallop (See Fig. 5)
Remove the needle from the quilt, guide the machine backwards without stitching to the desired startpoint and then place the needle in the fabric and begin to stitch.(See Fig. 6)

Continue along in this manner until you have completed your quilt. Use these same principles with any pattern.

See below for using the laserpointer and more complicated patterns.

Step 3
Fig 5. Lining up third row
Step 4
Fig 6. Finding beginning stitch point

See the laserpointer tips page for instructions on lining up more complicated patterns.



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